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Your Key to Everyday Stress Relief

Talk or Text Support. Anywhere Anytime.

Proven Stress Relief Techniques.
Always, Anonymous & Secure.
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I get really stressed out some time and dstress is one of the apps I found that actually offers engaging conversations that turn into really good advice and planning. I’ve tried Calm and Headspace, which have more content, but dstress has the best visuals and engaging stress coaches you can actually speak with.

Use a phone call to engage in therapeutic conversations

dStress provides instant support for stress relief and anxiety management, 24/7.


dStress provides a confidential and safe space to discuss your stress and anxiety concerns.

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Meet our Stress Coach Team

Each coach has a specific interest for you to uncover.

Manage Stress

Anytime, Anywhere

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No judgment, just progress. Try dStress on iOS or Android.

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West Chester, Pennsylvania


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