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Free Stress Relief Tools

These free stress relief tools are available to you 24/7


dStress Discovery


dStress Planning


Breathing Exercises


Emotional Control Compass


Sleep Score Calculator

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The dStress App

The dStress App combines all of our free tools into a comprehensive stress management application. By using the app, you can effectively track your stress levels, and use our advanced AI to get personalized suggestions. Download the dStress App for iOS or Android today!

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Start your free 7-day trial
and it's only $4.99/month after that

Gain control over your stress

Check out our free stress relief tools below...

Elevate Employee Wellness with StressGrip

Discover how StressGrip, our groundbreaking stress relief device, can transform your workplace. Combine its benefits with our Workplace Stress Cost Calculator to measure and reduce stress-related impacts on your business.

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