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Stress Balls For Adults

Adults have a wide range of stresses that they face in their daily lives, which makes it no surprise when they need a way to burn away the nerves. Though sometimes we would prefer to scream or cry, it isn’t always the healthiest option. Fortunately, there is one great way to overcome and balance stress, even in public: the stress ball. This is why we wanted to bring together a few of the top stress balls around that adults can benefit from.

The Classic Why Worry? Be Happy! Stress Ball Stress balls can play a great role in helping you to feel better about a bad situation. Whether work has you down, you’re behind on a deadline, or you’re fighting with your significant other, sometimes you just need a little reminder to stop worrying and be happy. These stress balls are great for two kinds of people: the kind who smile at the happy little smiley face on the ball and the kind who are compelled to squish its smiling face to feel better. The Serenilite 3X Hand Therapy Exercise Ball If you’re looking for something a little more serious, Serenilite’s three-pack of stress balls is designed for hand therapy and exercise. The pack offers you three different densities within the balls, which means you can choose the ball that has the right resistance for you. Not only can you lessen your daily stress, but you can also take the time to get in a nice hand workout.

The NSFW Motivational Stress Balls Sometimes when you’re stressed, you need a special kind of therapy. Though you might not want to broadcast these stress balls too loudly in a professional setting, their funny motivational sayings make them well worth the investment. They offer you the chance to enjoy a bit of stress management and a good laugh at the same time. These stress balls are without a doubt made for adults, and sometimes you might just feel like they are the only ones in the office that truly understand you. The Vive Hand Exercise Balls The Vive hand exercise balls are fun in all of their vibrant colors, durable for excessive stress squeezes, and low key enough not to draw any attention. These classically designed stress balls are perfect for fidgeting, overcoming stressful moments, and even just keeping you focused. As an added bonus, they are great for strengthening your hand and your grip.

The StressGrip

Our favorite is of course the StressGrip. The StressGrip may be a little more expensive than some of your other options, but it's designed to last you through stressful times without fail. Check out our homepage to learn a little more about why our customers enjoy the StressGrip.

Conclusion Stress balls have been around for ages, and they are just as effective now as they ever were. If you work in a high-stress situation, have a high-stress life, or just want to work on your grip strength, stress balls are a great way to go. You might just find that these balls are perfect for helping you to combat the daily stresses that life can throw at you. Take it all out on the stress ball and handle everything else with a smile!

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